Insanity – when the results of your hiring strategies or your job search efforts generate the same tired results – day after day – just like the movie "Groundhog Day!"

So "what's in it for you?" Why change? Why choose us? Simply put.....we build bridges in professional transition!

Year after year GRN of St. Louis continues to raise the bar, building lasting relationships with both candidates and clients. The collective experiences of our team serving in Executive and Talent Acquisition roles helps us understand where you're at, what you're feeling and where we can bring the greatest value to you. By creating partnerships with clients and candidates, we expertly navigate the complexities of top talent acquisition and placement. The end result is the achievement of personal, professional and financial goals for all parties.

We place a high value on honesty and integrity! We listen before we act and we hold ourselves accountable! After all, this is a collaborative effort between our team, our clients and our candidates, offering a platform where top talent and great opportunities connect.

You empower us to affect real change in your talent acquisition or job search processes. Every time we engage an opportunity, we hunt, search, qualify, reference check, present, coach, prep and debrief every client and every candidate. This ensures the greatest chance for fulfilling both client and candidate needs. Our success is measured by our high percentage of repeat business - our long standing client relationships and the individuals we have placed who often become future hiring managers.